Well, E3 has officially begun.

Microsoft wasted no time taking small jabs at Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro during its announcement of the Xbox One X. We will dive deeper into all aspects of Microsoft’s hardware upgrade in our accompanying video tomorrow.

The mantra of the presentation was about games and gamers, and they didn’t disappoint. After 42 games — of which 22 are exclusive — I have pull my 5 takeaways from the best Microsoft press conference in years, which says more about their previous outings than this one’s quality.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is Xbox Exclusive (For Now?)

Well… Well, would you look at that? I actually got one of my long-shots right. I will gladly take this victory lap because I’ve missed just about everything else so far. This battle royal-esque shooter is the darling of the streaming community, and it is perfect for Xbox because it is currently pushing it new streaming app, Mixer, hard. I, mean, like almost unbearably hard. So it makes a lot of sense for them to grab exclusivity of PUBG, even if it only limited. Score one for me and Microsoft.

Terry Crews Is Really Pumped About Crackdown 3

Honestly, his vignette is much better than the trailer. All it did was make me want the main character or my partner to be a live-action Terry Crews, but alas, it doesn’t seem to be the case as the game has a cel-shaded look and Crews will only lend his voice. Crackdown 3 could be a good game, but it would be a GREAT game with Terry Crews yelling at you in live-action FMVs.

Lots Of Mentions Of Third Party Games

In another veiled shot at Sony, Xbox executive Phil Spencer made it obvious that the new Xbox One X will be the best place to play non-exclusive games. I admire the effort but no one is buying a new machine to play games that are on a console they already own — whether that is Xbox One, PS4, or PC — and while Xbox One X is the most powerful home console, many third-party games look and run much better on PC.

Original Xbox Games Will Be Backward-Compatible This Fall

Yay? I’m not sure whether to be excited about this or not. I was a late adopter of the OG Xbox, and didn’t really play much on it outside of sports games. When Xbox 360 came out, it literally became a gigantic DVD player in my house. Outside of Halo, which I can play with the Master Chief Collection, I cannot think of an Xbox exclusive from that era that I’d want to play. As a huge proponent of current consoles having backward-compatibility, I love this news, but I don’t know if it is for me.

Game Of The Conference — Life Is Strange: Before the Storm

Ok, I know I am probably the only one saying this because Anthem looks incredible, but this one excites me more. Our Game of the Year 2015 returns with a prequel focused on Chloë’s story before reuniting with Max. While I have love-hate relationship with Chloë, I am beyond excited to jump back into this world. The only thing that could make this bad is if they give magical powers to Chloë, which would ruin the entire first game. My hope is that it is a straight forward Telltale-esque game where we learn more about Arcadia Bay before the events of Life is Strange. August 11th can’t come fast enough.