Welcome back, faithful listeners. Your damies are back with a brand new edition, complete with video games, wedding talk, and even a Wonder Woman review from Dan Aquino.

We start off with Mark and Dan waiting for Anthony, as they discuss what they’ve been up to: Dan’s still in the middle of wedding prep while Mark is getting ready to throw some axes.

From there, Mark takes Dan deep into Video Game Corner. As this was originally recorded last week, Mark gives his takes on the impending E3 press conference and what he expected from each big name participating in the event.

Anthony arrives midway through Video Game Corner, despite Skype’s best efforts, just in time to talk television. Mark’s been watching Riverdale, because of course he is, while Anthony makes some bold statements on where The Leftovers places among his favorite TV dramas of all-time. Dan is still watching Fargo, despite it not living up to previous seasons in his eyes, while Anthony is hoping it all comes together at the end.

From there, Dan gives us a quick review of Wonder Woman before he has to depart. On the whole Dan thought it is the best film in the DCEU, but feels the hype has gotten a little too big. (For more, listen to the show)

When Dan leaves, Mark and Anthony circle back to television. Anthony’s been bingeing Lost for the first time, killed some time with a revisit to the US version of The Office, and struggled to stick with Season 1 of Twin Peaks, which turns into a discussion of how much David Lynch is too much.

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