Sony’s presentation always marks the unofficial end to the E3 press conference, especially with Nintendo no longer hosting a live presentation. It is usually the standout, as noted by the nickname ‘Year of Dreams’ for the 2015 event, but this year it felt a little flat. This is probably an appropriate feeling for the E3 as a whole so far.

The ‘meh’ feeling through out the presentation didn’t mean that there aren’t things to get excited about, but we had seen most of them before, and in the case of Days Gone, we didn’t need to see again. Just like the presentation, my takeaways are a mixture of good and bad.

Horizon: Zero Dawn’s DLC Was Announced At The Right Time

As I mentioned in the predictions article, Sony would’ve been dumb if they didn’t announce story DLC for Horizon: Zero Dawn at its showcase. The game was met with praise from both critics and fans, so introducing DLC during a big event like E3 was perfect. The expansion is named, The Frozen Wilds, and it looks impressive and will add to the game’s reputation as one of the best looking games on the market. I am intrigued to see what new elements the developers will add, especially with the games focus on a cold climate.

Detroit: Become Human Is Starting To Look Very David Cage-y

David Cage usually produces very polarizing games, and Detroit: Become Human looks no different. After showing off a scene last year where you are an android cop, we see the flip side of the conflict and learn about an android revolution lead by a charismatic leader portrayed by Jesse Williams. The switch between perspectives and ambiguity of the choices means this game will fit in very nicely with the rest of Cage’s catalog. And I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Days Gone Feels Off

On the flip side, I have almost zero excitement for Sony Bend’s new game, Days Gone. Maybe it’s zombie overload or that I haven’t seen any new mechanics, but either way the game has disappointed me at every turn. I’m sure there are people out there that have plans to pre-order this, and they will count down the days until release, but I don’t see it. There doesn’t appear to be a hook, such as the ruined real locations in the Last of Us trailer, and everything seems generic. I really hope that it is just poor marketing because Bend usually makes good games.

Playstation VR Is At A Crossroads

The Playstation VR has sold much better than anyone could have anticipated, so it was no surprise that they dedicated a block of the presentation to it. But it is running into the same issues that any VR device will: where are the games? Sure, Skyrim and Fallout VR sound like good ideas, but will people really buy a headset for a game that came out years ago. The reason for PSVR’s strong start was that it had Resident Evil 7, which was a new experience and it was developed with the idea of being playable in VR; it wasn’t retrofitted in later. If PSVR is going to continue to sell, it needs to find a new IP — or at least a new game from an old IP — to take advantage of the technology and give people a reason to buy the headset.

Game Of The Conference: Spider-Man

Every since Spider-Man 2 on the PS2, I have been eagerly awaiting a good Spider-Man game. I’ll admit, I was nervous when this new game was announced, especially since it was going to have a brand new story. My fears were slightly alleviated when I found out that Insomniac was developing it, but it wasn’t until this gameplay demo that I was full on-board with direction of the game. The visual, action and web-swinging all seem to be top notch. I am as excited about this game as I can be without playing a demo, and I pray that I will not be disappointed.