On this episode of The Main Damie Podcast, Anthony and Dan wake Mark up from his post-E3 coma to discuss comic book movies, sports, and, of course, the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

During our catching up segment, Mark reveals the worst idea for a game show he’s ever heard. He concludes that since it will air over the summer on America’s most watched network, Dan had something to do with it. Our fearless trio moves on from this abomination of TV, and begins a discussion about Spider-Man, Venom, Carnage, and all things in the web-slinger’s universe. They dabble in some fantasy casting, and discuss why Spider-Man’s villains are the best in comics.

For the first time — I think — in the history of the podcast, there’s a discussion of a sporting event that is not wrestling. Our infallible threesome dive deep into the upcoming Mayweather-McGregor fight, and somehow the conversation turns into what they wouldn’t do for $127 million. Let’s just say, we learn some things about our Damiers.

They finished with Mark’s recap of you E3 in Video Game Corner, and a tribute to probably the best man to wear the Bat Cowl. Obviously, no offense to Michael Keaton and Christian Bale, but only one of the actors to portray the Dark Knight was also the mayor of a Rhode Island town.


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