Guess what: Spider-man: Homecoming is here!  Aren’t you excited?  It’s been like… three-ish years since the last Spider-man movie, so I’m sure everybody is itching to see the webslinger do his thing.

Sincerely, though, since Tom Holland appeared as Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War, I’ve been generally intrigued to see what Marvel could do with a share of the Spidey pie.  If early reports are any indication, this could be the best depiction of Spider-man we’ve seen so far.  In that case, what do you say we look ahead and imagine some dream casting scenarios for the possible supporting cast of future films.  Here’s our 5 For Friday: 5 Dream Casting Choices For Future Spider-man Characters


Cletus Kasady: Ben Foster

carnage_ben foster

A few weeks ago, we talked briefly about our casting choices for Carnage on a podcast. After that, I spent some time thinking about the question and my best answer for the actor to best portray Cletus Kasady would be Ben Foster. Foster is an excellent, often-overlooked actor. He’s been solid in just about anything he’s been in and has turned in some great performances in movies like 3:10 to Yuma and Hell or High Water. I really want to see him in the MCU and the sinister Carnage would be the perfect opportunity.


Felicia Hardy: Maika Monroe

black cat_maika monroe

One of the most difficult things about Tom Holland being so young is trying to find actors and actresses that can play the characters that should be his contemporaries, like Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat for example. Holland, being just 21, puts him in the age range of women that predominantly have roles of girlfriends or daughters, none of which really exudes the kind of screen presence that a role like Black Cat would require. It requires someone to be an adversary as much as she is a love interest; much in the same way a more mature Anne Hathaway straddled the line in The Dark Knight Rises.

The obvious answer here is Chloe Grace Moretz, as she was able to prove her mettle in Kick-Ass at the ripe old age of 12. Moretz, however, is sort of like the Josh Brolin of actresses under 25; if there’s any role that she’s age-appropriate for, she winds up being the first person anyone mentions. Instead, I’m going to go with someone slightly older than Tom Holland and pick Maika Monroe. She’s had a couple of solid roles in some indie fare (The Guest, It Follows) and her last attempt at a big film, Independence Day: Resurgence, fell hard, at no fault of her own. I think her addition to the MCU would be welcome.


J Jonah Jameson: Alec Baldwin

jameson_alec Baldwin

This one is, by far, the hardest one to cast for a number of reasons. For one, there’s no arguing that JK Simmons owned the role, and replacing him is going to prove to be difficult. Secondly, I kept thinking of guys that were either a) already in the MCU (John Slattery), or dead (Dennis Farina). The long list of actors that I’ve tried to fit into this includes: Jeremy Irons (already Alfred in the DCEU), Daniel Day-Lewis (retired), Jeffrey Wright, Denzel Washington, Nick Nolte, and Tom Selleck. Finally, I settled upon Alec Baldwin.

Why Baldwin? Because of those batshit crazy voicemails he left his daughter. That’s classic J Jonah Jameson stuff, albeit a little more R-rated. Baldwin commands attention and his role in The Departed mirrors the J Jonah Jameson I think he would bring to the table. He’s commanding, but not exactly stoic and probably a little unhinged. It’ll be great.


Norman Osborn: Viggo Mortensen

norman osborn_viggo

Flat out: the Marvel Cinematic Universe needs Viggo Mortensen in it. It’s gone on for far too long without him. He’s an excellent actor and he can really do great things with this role. He can bring his own brand of crazy to Norman that could keep him from being compared too much to Willem Dafoe and he can just work on making Norman his own. A little colder, a little more calculating, he’ll work to add some crazy to the world, but won’t bleed too far into comic territory, unlike Dafoe.


Miles Morales: Shameik Moore


Back before Andrew Garfield tried was picked as Peter Parker, there was a groundswell of support for Donald Glover to portray Miles Morales in the then-upcoming The Amazing Spider-man series of films. Now, Donald Glover has been cast in Spider-man: Homecoming, but not as Miles Morales (I won’t spoil it for you who he plays, though).

Finding a young black actor is no easy task, as most roles for any black actor under 30 immediately goes to Michael B. Jordan. For this role, I’m going to go with Shameik Moore from Dope. Frankly, his character from Dope could’ve been named Miles Morales and I wouldn’t have batted an eye. He’s street smart and book smart, and he’s able to handle himself under intense situations. He’s perfect.

What do you think of our casting?  Do you have any actors or actresses in mind for any other roles?  Hit us up on Twitter and Facebook.