On this unusually rant-y episode of The Main Damie podcast, our fearless trio discusses everything from professional wrestling to San Diego Comic-con. But there is something off about this episode.

We start with Mark venting his frustration over the most recent WWE pay-per-view in Philadelphia. He seems unusually upset about the evening he spent at the Wells Fargo Center. After, we are joined by Dan, Mark poses the question that leaves the entire group in shock.

Next, we take a trip to Video Game Corner, where Mark again vents on Walmart canceling all “pre-orders” of the SNES classic. And touches on the newly released wrestling game Fire Pro, and why it is different. He also gives an update on his experience with Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

We take a turn and shift our attention to discuss Dunkirk, and Anthony’s review. We find out that Mark disagrees slightly with him giving the movie at 10/10. This is when Dan and Anthony grow concerned about Mark well-being, and why he seems rather upset this entire episode.

We finish up by discussing everything that we saw and read during San Diego Comic-Con. We mix in DC, Marvel, and everything else in the world of movies and TV that was revealed at the famous event.

Thanks again for listening and we hope you come back next week to find out if Mark finally reveals what was bothering him.

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