PLOT: After delivering a patient to a hospital, a small-town police officer and the other inhabitants are held captive by mysterious figures outside that seem to be bringing supernatural activity along with them. 

I loved this movie, plain and simple.  I can’t really put my finger on what exactly I loved, but it just completely worked for me.

The story revolves around Officer Daniel Carter, a local police officer that comes across a seemingly inebriated man in the middle of the road and takes him to the local hospital.  There, the hospital becomes under siege from a mysterious cult, one that seems to be bringing out some otherworldly horrors that the people in the hospital have to deal with.

One of the surprisingly strongest parts of this film is the drama.  A major part of this film is the idea of loss and what one is willing to do in order to get back exactly what it is that they lost.  This allows for some pretty excellent moments, especially from our lead, Aaron Poole.  In this film, he has to face his own demons while also battling actual demons.  He’s got an everyman quality in this and it was one of the things that worked really well.



gore 1

There are some really decent gore moments in this film.  Between the character models created and the splatter effects, it’s impressive for a movie that seems to have a smaller budget.


Gore Rating: 4 out of 5




This is a decently creepy movie, but I wouldn’t say it’s the strongest aspect of the movie.  There are some jump scares here and there, but nothing too memorable or unearned.


Scare Rating: 2 out of 5



sex nudity



Sex/Nudity Rating: 0 out of 5




I really enjoyed this movie.  I think the special effects are well-done and the character moments just plain worked for me.  I wouldn’t say any of the acting is otherworldly, but for the most part, I was on board with everything.  The ending takes an interesting turn, which I think could turn someone off, but I got a Hellraiser vibe from it, and that was enough for me.


Overall Rating: 8 out of 10