Hey, it’s Friday the 13th!  I originally didn’t have anything special planned for this for the site, and technically, I still don’t.  But I did whip up this list together for you.

So there’s a looming reboot of the Friday the 13th franchise, slated for 2018, and I’m sure there’s not going to be anything innovative about this film.  He’ll get resurrected or we’ll see his origin and he’ll systematically kill a group of sexy teens.  Here’s a list of a few different directions they could take these movies that can make the idea a little more fresh.  Here’s a Friday the 13th special 5 For Friday: 5 Idea For New Friday the 13th Films.



Jason Gets Out of Hell


I want to see a movie in which we see the shit that Jason has to do in order to get out of Hell, sort of like a retelling of The Divine Comedy, with Jason in place of Dante (I assume Dante is the main character of the book).  Have him take a machete to hordes of demons that are trying to keep him from our world and end the film once he makes it through.  It’s the sequel to Jason Goes to Hell that no one asked for, but now we realize it’s exactly the one we need.



Jason Becomes Weaponized


I think that this was a plot point in Jason X, but it never got fully explored.  There should be a movie in which the government captures Jason, weaponizes him, and sicks him on an enemy population.  Maybe they airdrop him in North Korea or somewhere that is trying to give us bad deals.  I picture him befriending a small boy like in The Iron Giant and they go around and murdering all the kids that were mean to the boy before Jason came to town.



Make a Movie Completely in First Person


Taking the idea of the recently released Friday the 13th video game, which allows you to play as Jason, it would be interesting to see an entire Friday the 13th film that only takes place from Jason’s point of view.  It would be a refreshing take on the slasher flick (though, not wholly original), and would at least liven up the franchise.  Now, rather than having to spend a whole lot of time with sexy teens, we just stick with Jason and be complicit with him as he stalks his prey.



Give Jason Access to a Time Machine


I touched upon this years ago, when there was talk of a Friday the 13th television show.  Jason needs a time machine; I don’t care if it’s a TARDIS, a phone booth, or a Delorean, Jason needs to go into different time periods and kill sexy teens.  How fun would it be to see Jason decapitate sexy teens on the Mayflower?  Or how about he travels to the time of the pharaohs and buries his machete in sexy teen Egyptians? The possibilities are endless.



Crossover with Evil Dead

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 2016

Everyone loves a crossover, and seeing as how Jason has already crossed over with Freddy Krueger, the most obvious crossover possible, this one seems like the next best one.  Watching Ash from Evil Dead go toe-to-toe with Jason Voorhees sounds like a lot of fun, especially if they take the attitude that they have with the Ash vs. Evil Dead series.  It could be gory, violent, and an absolute blast.  I’d totally watch this.


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