WE’RE BACK!!!!!!

It’s been a loooong day without you, my friends. But The Main Damie podcast has finally come back with a vengeance. Before we go headfirst into the topics at hand, we check in with each of our hosts to see what they’ve been up to. Dan got married and Mark got to celebrate a Super Bowl Championship for his beloved Eagles. Anthony doesn’t mention it, but he wanted to let everyone know he got a new pair of socks in the downtime.

Our first topic is actually an explanation of where we’ve been this whole time, which has been our newest venture, STRANGER DAMIES, our real-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast. We talk about what made Mark decide he wanted to start this podcast, what we thought about our first few sessions, and where we want it to go.

From there, we backtrack to the end of 2017 and discuss some things that we missed. We let Mark and Dan talk about their favorite movies from the past year, and Anthony has some strong words for the movie that left the worst impression on him.

Finally, we talk about Black Panther, the biggest movie of the young year. We all talk about what we liked about it and can’t help but sing its praises.



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