It’s the day after Memorial Day. You’re probably at work; you’re probably hungover. Avoid your responsibilities by strapping in for a brand-new episode of The Main Damie Podcast.

This episode kicks off with some talk about what we’ve been up to for the past few weeks. We all went to Vegas for our good friend’s wedding, so we spend some time talking about that in the preamble before we get into the topics at hand.

We start with Video Game Corner, where Mark lets Anthony and Dan in on what will probably be going down at E3 this year. Will Microsoft unveil a new Halo? Are we going to get an N64 Classic in time for the holiday season? Our guess is as good as yours. That’s how that saying goes, right?

Speaking of wild speculation, none of us saw Solo: A Star Wars Story, but listen to us ramble about why we think it didn’t break box office records this weekend. Racism? Fatigue? An oversexed populace? It could literally be anything.

Finally, we finish off this episode with a preview of something that’s upcoming for the website. Back in the early days of the website, we had a podcast show “They Called This a Movie”, where we watched a movie (usually a bad one) and talked about it. Some of our best shows came out of this idea (and our sign-off is a direct reference to one of these episodes), so we’re looking to bring it back in a re-tooled format. You’ll have to listen to find out our plans.

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