Greetings, Damies!

I wanted to take the time to announce a new feature to the site, that will officially be launching next week.

If you’ve been following the website from the very beginning, which I doubt, you would remember our original podcasts were titled the “They Called This a Movie” Podcast, where we picked a new bad movie every podcast to discuss. This led to some of our best episodes and even the current signoff to The Main Damie Podcast.

If you’ve noticed, we’ve been a bit quiet this year, outside of the content produced for our real-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast, which I wholly regret. Life sometimes can get in the way; to combat this, I am going to start doing articles based around the concept of the original “They Called This a Movie” Podcast.

Every week, I’ll be reviewing a terrible movie that I find that is marginally related to an upcoming release. For example, next week, Ocean’s 8 will be coming to theaters, so I’ll be reviewing a heist movie that I found on Amazon Prime. Spoiler alert: it’s garbage.

In addition, once a month, The Main Damie Podcast crew will gather once a month to review a movie that’s connected to a major studio release. So, look out for a terrible dinosaur movie review podcast to coincide with the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. These will appear on the main podcast feed, so you won’t have to subscribe to a new one.

The plan is to release each of these on Thursdays, with the first one coming out next Thursday, June 7th. Stay tuned.