This week, it’s a bit of a quiet release schedule. Kin, and Operation Finale open, but neither really lend themselves to a good movie to watch. The Little Stranger, despite being a terribly named movie, is at least a horror movie, so that made it slightly easier. That’s why this week’s movie is Hausu, a trippy haunted house movie from Japan, made in 1977.

What in the world? That’s my first thought about Hausu, this week’s film for They Called This a Movie. This one breaks the mold just a little bit, because it’s not bad in the same sense that the previous films have been. It’s just batshit insane, which still makes it appropriate for a series entitled “They Called This a Movie”.

The movie revolves around Gorgeous – yes, that’s her name – and her group of friends, all named ridiculous things that, more or less, have to do with their personalities. Gorgeous, Kung Fu, Fantasy, Mac, Melody, Prof, and Sweet are all set to spend school break in the countryside at their teacher’s sister’s house, but when that plan falls through, Gorgeous reaches out to her estranged aunt, who allows all the girls to stay at her home for the break. And that’s where things start to go a little nuts.

I guess Gorgeous’ aunt is some sort of a witch, because it doesn’t take too long before she starts picking the girls off one by one. It’s at this point that I’m realizing that I don’t know if I can really do this movie justice for how crazy it is. It’s… bizarre, to say the least. There are talking decapitated heads, a piano that eats one of the girls, a cat painting that sprays blood out of its mouth, and some of the most interesting director choices I’ve seen in a long time. Legitimately, the file I was watching had several glitches and I couldn’t tell if it was the file or the movie was just fucking with me. It’s that insane.

I really don’t have much more to say about this movie. It’s something you gotta see to believe.



This movie is crazy as shit, but it’s kind of a fun watch. I guess it’s supposed to be a bit of a tongue-in-cheek movie, anyway, but it’s one of the most unique movies I’ve seen, regardless. This isn’t quite a bad movie, but it’s a weird one.