A day late/a buck short

Dan’s writing/a report


This week’s The Main Damie Podcast is coming to you on a Friday rather than our usual Thursday and short one member. Yet, we still wind up talking for over an hour. It’s amazing how that works.

We stumble out of the gate when Mark tries to bring up a conversation that Anthony just can’t continue, but then that transitions to an in-depth conversation on Mark’s thoughts regarding the new Spider-Man game for Playstation 4. It’s a little messy, but this is what we call perseverance, folks.

From there, we transition to an even more clickable topic: Marvel officially released the first full-length trailer for Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson. This gives Mark the opportunity to absolutely drag everyone that isn’t the 2016 Best Actress Winner and misremember how well Suicide Squad did, box office-wise.

We end the episode on a personal note. Earlier this week, Anthony did a deep-dive on, Mark’s precursor to his time on The Main Damie. In the same spirit of They Called This a Movie‘s Trivia Game, Anthony quizzes Mark on some details regarding his old blog.

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