PLOT: Sidney Prescott returns to Woodsboro after 10 years to find the killings picking back up once again.

Sigh. This movie lost me at the beginning. There’s only sooooo much meta I can take before I tell you to keep walking, and that opening going from Stab 6 to Stab 7 made me nauseous. Also, as a fan of useless movie trivia, you know what I hate to see in movies? Characters spouting useless movie trivia; such a masturbatory moment for anyone to shout out the answer. Or those moments where characters quote something and then another character has to announce that they know where the quote comes from. Makes every movie feel like an Ernie Cline novel.

This movie is fine, in general, but I just didn’t buy it. I found most of the new characters annoying and, I’m sorry, as much as I enjoyed the first Scream, Neve Campbell has zero onscreen charisma. Just nothing there.

Honestly, I’ve seen worse in the new world of studio-made horror, but the meta shit just really turned me off completely. Whatever. Watch it. Or don’t. I don’t care.

Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10