PLOT: A group of friends are stranded at a roadside museum, where a masked killer is on the loose.

I wonder what this film was like for a guy like Chuck Connors. He was an old Hollywood guy, Brooklyn-born, Army vet, former Boston Celtic, and a longtime TV cowboy on shows like Branded and The Rifleman. Then, in his 50s, he’s dressing up in weird masks and chasing teens around the woods. Do you think he had a midlife crisis right there on set?

This is an odd one. I mean, it’s kind of your standard slasher, borrowing heavily from better movies like Psycho and I guess House of Wax. It’s not great, but it’s your basic slasher. And That 70’s Show’s Tanya Roberts (Donna’s mom) lookin’ fine as hell in this. You can see the twist coming a mile away, but there are actually some cool moments in this one. Chuck Connors is actually quite good in this one, and isn’t what you’d expect from a guy like him, which is why I feel like he died a little bit inside during this one.


Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10