PLOT: A neighborhood boy and his friends investigate their neighbor whom they believe may be abducting kids.

 Who doesn’t love an 80s nostalgia trip with a group of kids on bikes? Stranger Things, Stand by Me, IT, and countless other movies and television shows have this aesthetic, so in that sense, this movie isn’t particularly original. Even the concept is a bit of Disturbia mixed with The ‘Burbs and Rear Window. Again, this movie isn’t particularly original, but it’s still kind of fun. 

Davey Armstrong is a typical kid living it up in the summer when a string of disappearances of kids of the same age has him looking suspicious at his neighbor, a single cop with a penchant for digging in his garden. After convincing his friends to help him with his investigation, they take bigger and bigger risks as the puzzle starts to take shape. 

I dug this movie. I’m always onboard for movies like this where kids are on their own and up to no good, and I like the performances. I always like seeing Richard Sommer pop up since his days on Mad Men. Here, he plays the Thorwald part, if you know Rear Window at all, and he’s pretty good at it. He does the whole super nice neighbor guy thing very well, especially when things get a little nuts towards the end. If you like a good suspense tale starring kids and dig a retro synth score, you may like this one. It’s pretty good for those that don’t like traditional scary movies.

Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10