Kill. Your. Idols.

They Called This a Movie is back, a week later than originally anticipated. We originally wanted to get this up in time for Thanksgiving, but some personal issues cropped up and had to push the record back a week. But luckily, this would have been the scheduled week regardless. So.. yay!

Anyway, rather than watching a terrible movie in vain, we decided to plow through with this week’s film Jack and Jill, the 2011 twin comedy from Adam Sandler. We originally watched this because it’s sort of a Thanksgiving movie, but it really extends through the entire holiday season, so it’s still relevant.

We talk about how useless everyone but Adam Sandler is in relation to the plot, we talk about the slow death of Al Pacino’s career, and one of us reveals that they didn’t hate this movie. GASP!

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