A once-in-a-decade cinematic moment deserves a once-in-a-decade cinematic podcast… So you probably should look somewhere else. 

Just kidding. We’ve got a jam-packed episode of They Called This a Movie as everyone gets super-hyped about Avengers: Endgame, coming out this weekend. It’s everyone’s favorite Italian post-apocalyptic exploitation film, Endgame, or Bronx Lotta Finale for the Italian-speaking fans out there. 

What happens if you take a basic premise that you’ve seen in films like The Running ManEscape From New York, and The Road Warrior, and put it in the hands of an Italian director with a ton of pornography to his credit? Unfortunately, you get a pretty boring, not very sexy film that could cut about 10 minutes out of the runtime. 

Join us as we talk about lame gunfights, even lamer fist fights, and the lack of exploitation in an exploitation film. We dub this one of the most disappointing films we’ve done so far, so listen as we air our grievances and hope for a better film this weekend. 

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