For years the government paid him to kill. Now he is self-employed!

This week’s episode of They Called This a Movie takes a page from John Wick 3, and takes a look at another contract killer. Sort of. We watched, Raven, a direct-to-video action movie from 1996 starring Bandit himself, Burt Reynolds. 

Burt Reynolds plays Raven, the best mercenary in the world as he seeks out revenge on the government officials that almost killed him. It’s a cold-blooded killer on a mission to best the forces that are out to get him, so it’s sort of like John Wick. 

We actually wind up not hating this movie. Listen to us talk about how we like seeing Burt play the bad guy, bemoan his co-star’s acting, and question character decisions after a big twist is revealed. We even get a chance to talk about who we’d recruit for a mercenary team based on other movies we’ve watched. 

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