Welcome to the abusement park… get it? 

This week, while crazy clown Pennywise terrorizes the Losers’ Club one last time in Derry, we decide to check out a true anomaly: 1987’s Funland. 

We use the word “baffling” a lot, and this one may redefine that. It’s not quite a character study of a man going through a nervous breakdown and it’s not quite a hilariously offbeat comedy that doesn’t mind pushing a few buttons. In a way, it tries to do a bunch of things and succeeds at none of them. 

Listen as we try to make sense of the point of this movie, as we examine the misplaced humor, the paper thin plot, and how much this film probably steps on the toes of the upcoming Joker film. We also discuss our plans for a Batman movie featuring only characters from Happy Days.

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