PLOT: Passengers on a commuter train must deal with a zombie outbreak.

Goddamn did I love this movie. It’s a decade since Zombieland and, unfortunately, that movie didn’t put an end to the zombie genre for the time being. With an onslaught of zombies movie since then, I can gladly say that this Korean film is the best zombie movie made in a long time. Tense, bloody, and even surprising at times, this flick manages to bring the aesthetics of The Raid and Snowpiercer and deliver an immensely satisfying experience.

Train to Busan introduces us to a number of characters that we will follow along the way, including a businessman and his young daughter, a couple expecting their first child, two teenagers hinting at their attraction for each other, and a host of others. As the train goes from point A to point B, their situation becomes more and more dire as the zombie outbreak that is happening in the world around them happens to overtake the train as well. It’s up to the survivors to work as a team in order to make it to their final destination and beyond.

This movie hit all the right notes for me. The characters were engaging, the action was thrilling, and all the zombie stuff was exactly what I wanted it to be. I especially loved Dong-seok Ma in this one; he’s such a badass and just is able to command your attention every time he’s on screen.


This is my favorite movie so far for this year’s 31 Days of Horror. It’s everything I wanted out of a zombie movie, even if I’m a little tired of the subgenre. Really, I have nothing more to say. This film is as excellent as people say.

OVERALL RATING: 9 out of 10