Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Erin go Bragh and all that crap! 

We’re a few days early this week, as we celebrate the feast of Saint Patrick, so while you may be waiting to pour the Guinness and eat some cabbage, we’re getting our St. Patrick’s tradition out of the way on this brand new episode of They Called This a Movie. 

Last year, we tackled Leprechaun 3, so this year, it made sense to continue on with the next installment, 1996’s Leprechaun 4: In Space. Upon further review, this tradition is for the birds. 

Gather ’round with your best lads and lasses as we discuss the time the Leprechaun went in to space for some reason. We talk about whether or not a fourth installment is the right time to go to space, where this film fails an already dying franchise, and discuss the flimsiest excuse for nudity in a film we’ve seen in quite a while. 

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