Get ready for double the Van Dammage on this week’s episode of They Called This a Movie. 

We were feeling some good old fashion 90s action, so we once again tapped our favorite Belgian action star, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and a film in which he plays twin beefcakes separated at birth. It’s Double Impact, and yes, it’s exactly like The Parent Trap

We head to Hong Kong as our twin heroes Chad and Alex try to reclaim their birthright, which uncomfortably relies on British Imperialism in a setting that completely dates this film starting at the first frame. But from there, it’s all kicks, gun fights, and even more kicks as JCVD does what he does best: kick. 

So kick (get it) back and listen to our brand new episode, as we talk about the wasted opportunities to lean into the whole twin idea, pitch improvements on the one sex scene, and we talk about quads. A lot. 

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