PLOT: Jason, having taken refuge in a cabin near Camp Crystal Lake to recover from the events of the previous film, terrorizes a group of co-eds on vacation. 

Upon further review, as this is my first time in a long time watching this film, I’m thinking that Friday the 13th Part 2 is my favorite in the series. This film is… fine, I suppose, but just kind of boring. 

There are moments that stick out like a sore thumb when looking at the series as a whole. In my mind, Jason is a ruthless killing machine that disappears into the shadows and then reappears out of nowhere, so it’s weird when a character looks through the window to see him lumber down the steps or for that same character hide to the side of a door and Jason just walks past them and doesn’t see them. This is a sloppy Jason Voorhees when we hit the third act, and it’s kind of off-putting. We even see him desperately throw a knife at a girl after he’s been bested by her. He’s the serial killer equivalent of being thirsty AF.

The plot description is pretty generic, and that kind of sums up this movie as a whole. This one just feels like a lazy iteration. Sure, we get the iconic hockey mask, but none of the kills are all that impressive, the gore and sexiness are very muted, and while the girls are plenty cute, none of the characters are particularly memorable, outside of Shelly. And in these sorts of films, a character like Shelly isn’t memorable because we like them; it’s usually because we dislike them immensely. 

Overall, if you’re doing a marathon of the series, this one isn’t going to hurt, but I can’t imagine this one really moving the needle much. 

OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 10