PLOT: Jason Voorhees breaks out of the morgue and heads back to Camp Crystal Lake to terrorize a whole new batch of sexy teens. 

This viewing of Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter marks the first time I would have watched any of the next six Friday the 13th films in my adult years. The first film in the series I actually saw when I was a kid was Jason Goes to Hell, but I haven’t seen that film since, and most of the others I’ve only seen bits and pieces. 

The fourth film in the franchise seems to put everything together in a wholly enjoyable film, that cranks up the violence and the horniness in what I would consider the strongest film thus far in the series. Is there any argument? We’ve got lots of nudity, some brutal kills, Jason once again dons that iconic hockey mask, Crispin Glover doing a weird dance, Corey Feldman shaving his head in one of the biggest leaps of faith and logic in horror history… AND TWINS! 

Truly, this is what I expect from a Friday the 13th film; maybe it’s not what I would want from any other franchise, but I know what I’m expecting from these movies, and this one seems to be the first one to get everything right. I think Friday the 13th Part 2 does a great job and may rival this one, but at this very moment, this one is slightly better to me. Again, this is the first time I’ve seen this one, so maybe it’s a recency bias, but I enjoyed this one a ton. 

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10