She would do anything to be popular… even kill!

It’s a brand new episode of They Called This a Movie and this week, we head to the weird, wild world of early 90s network television movies with a who’s who of 90s network stars. We fulfill a listener request with Death of a Cheerleader, originally titled A Friend to Die For

Get your cucumbers nice and sliced, as we discuss the most depressing movie we’ve ever covered. We talk about how long we spent waiting for James Avery to show up, whether or not the principal was up to something nefarious, and discuss one of the oddest snacks to eat in a car. 

A criminal mind in an indestructible body…

This week, we travel to the wacky future promised to us by direct-to-video sci-fi movies. 

The year, we guess, is probably around 2015 and Los Angeles is now under a dome and the control of the evil Cal Corp and there’s only one man that can stop them: Slash Gallagher, who is actually the villain in this movie. 

Join us as we discuss Hologram Man, the movie that pulls all the best parts from far-better sci-fi films of the era to give us an undeniably silly, cheesy, but ultimately fun time. So if you like Demolition ManViruosity, The Lawnmower Man, The Net, or any other mid-90s movie about hacking or cyberspace, then maybe you’ll like this movie. We discuss everything from our two leads’ hair, the wasted performances of John Amos and Tiny Lister, and of course, we discuss what it’s like to make love to a hologram. 

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