PLOT: A family living on a secluded farm feel the ill effects of a meteor crash-landing on their property. 

Leave it to HP Lovecraft to create a story that gives us grotesque amalgamations of our principal characters. This is a pretty decent slimefest; so much so that you’d almost be mistaken that it wasn’t directed by Stuart Gordon, because this feels right in line with From Beyond and Re-Animator

I love when 31 Days of Horror mixes with my love for Nicolas Cage, and this one gets pretty Cagey. He bounces between sane and insane and the final act of the film goes way off the deep end almost as much as Cage does in the film. At times, the movie is a little hard to parse exactly what is going on, but if you like some good body horror, Lovecraft, or Cage just being his usual weird self, it’s worth your time. 


Color Out of Space is a solid film with some decent gross-out body horror. It’s moody, has a pretty good performance from Cage, and an overall decent story. 

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10