PLOT: A surgeon is forced to make a sacrifice in order to save his family from an unthinkable curse perpetrated by a teen boy he has been mentoring. 

This is an unconventional horror movie, but it’s also just an unconventional movie in general. At the same time, it’s kind of great, but probably not for everyone. It’s kind of slow and very out-there. The characters talk in stilted dialogue, almost speaking like aliens. It all works, though, and while it’s not “scary”, it’s pretty unnerving. 

Colin Farrell plays Dr. Murphy, a surgeon and family man. He’s been looking after a boy by the name of Martin ever since his father died in surgery. When Martin starts to creep into Dr. Murphy’s personal life, Dr. Murphy spurns him, leading Martin to (somehow) place a curse on Dr. Murphy’s family. One by one, Dr. Murphy’s family will start losing the use of their limbs, then refuse to eat until they die. The only way for the curse to be lifted is for Dr. Murphy to kill one of his children or his wife. 

Yorgos Lanthimos is anything but conventional and The Killing of a Sacred Deer is no different. It all kind of works, though. This is a film about personal responsibility, loss, and the consequences of actions. The performances are fantastic, especially Colin Farrell. It’s weird and slow, but there’s an uneasiness with watching this movie that you don’t usually get. If you like something a little more challenging, this is one to check out, Halloween season or otherwise. 

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10