By Dan Aquino

Recently, we saw the season finale of The Walking Dead. Although it was sad to know we had to wait until October for the next season to begin, we had the good fortune of Game Of Thrones finally returning for its third season on the very same night. It was the truest meaning of when one door closes another one opens, but with more boobs behind those doors and less zombies. So this got me to thinking, which one of these shows is the superior? They are both arguably the hottest shows on television to date, both are beloved by geeks and regular folk alike, and both kick serious ass. I finally know why God put me on this good Earth, to settle this age old debate once and for all!

Now, I’ve read almost all of the graphic novels of The Walking Dead and I have not read any of the A Song Of Fire And Ice series which Game Of Thrones is based off of, so I can’t grade these two based on their print counterparts alone which means I will strictly be going off the television shows. After talking with my good friend and editor of this fine site Anthony “All American” Del Vecchio, I decided that the categories that I will judge will be characters, storyline, villains, and violence. Remember that these are just my opinions, and if you feel that I have left out anything please feel free to leave a comment and I will either nod my head in approval, or just ignore it.


Game Of Thrones


There are really no definitive villains in this series, so for the sake of this article I’m going to focus on The Lannisters. We are introduced to The Lanninsters at the beginning of the series and right off the bat you can feel the douchyness ooze off these people. The brother is banging the sister who happens to be the Queen, and their love child turns out to be the absolute worst King ever. If you follow the show you know I am speaking of King Joffrey. If you were to look up the word evil in the dictionary you would see a picture of this little bastard. He shows absolutely no mercy towards anyone and rules with an iron fist. His mother, Queen Cersie, certainly does her best to out-douche him though and comes pretty close. Constantly plotting against others and doing anything to ensure that her dick head son stays on the Iron Throne. Rounding out the unholy trio is Ser Jamie Lannister also known as the Kingslayer for…slaying the King. So to recap, you have the Anti-Christ as the King, his mother is the biggest bitch ever, and the brother/father is a backstabbing pervert. They must have awesome family dinners amIright?!

Although they are the absolute worst people to inhabit Westeros, you love them for it. I find myself eagerly awaiting someone to cut off Joffrey’s head and stick it on a pike, and the things I want done to Queen Cersie I can’t mention on this website in fear of some child wandering on here and asking their parents what sodomy means. But that’s what makes them so good, they’re great at being evil and you actively want to see their downfalls.

The Walking Dead


To the casual Walking Dead fan, the zombies are the obvious choice to who the villains are in the series. You could not be more wrong and you should feel ashamed! While technically the zombies are a constant threat, the most exciting and interesting villains have been fellow human beings. For seasons 1 and 2 we had Shane Walsh, Rick’s best friend and coworker in the police department. In season 3 we were introduced to The Governor, the ruthless leader of a gated community named Woodbury.

With Shane it was very interesting to watch him slowly descend into madness with each passing episode. His love for Ricks wife slowly starts to eat away at his mind and humanity. He is perfectly suited to match his surroundings, he kills without remorse and uses intimidation to get what he wants. He also serves as a good counter balance to Ricks character who takes everything cautiously and slowly. Most of the time during the show I found myself rooting for Shane mainly because he knew how to get things done, and he was bat-shit insane.

 The Governor is a totally different villain all together. He is the wolf in sheep’s clothing by showing us that he takes care of so many people, but behind closed doors he’s an absolute monster. He murders people without a seconds hesitation to take their supplies, he keeps their heads in jars in his room, and has a torture chamber deep in the bowls of the gated community Woodbury. We see what a slimy manipulative creature the Governor can be by praying on peoples emotions and fears. He’s a man who will promise you the world, but step on you to get it.


It wasn’t looking too good for The Walking Dead for  while, but they’re going to edge out Game Of Thrones here by a slight margin. Although the Lannisters are evil, Shane and the Governor are crazy evil. In a world dominated by the dead, they tap into their bestial instincts, kill or be killed. You know you’re evil when you fear the living more than the flesh eating monsters that are absolutely everywhere. Point goes to The Walking Dead and they’re finally on the board.