Anthony Del Vecchio: Writer/Editor


Anthony is the head writer and editor of The Main Damie.  An unapologetic fan of the film Pootie Tang, he enjoys giving his take on movies he likes and especially the movies he doesn’t like.  Anthony has spent most of his post-college career working as a video editor and has spent some time making short comedy sketches with his comedy group Shoot the Glass Pictures, which he is a founding member.  He thinks he’s funny, but that’s a matter of opinion.  Be the judge by following him on Twitter @antdelvec.

Mark Myers: Writer


Mark is the TV expert of The Main Damie. Despite the rumors that broadcast prime-time TV is dead, he still gets excited every year for the new fall season. But just because he’s leans more toward the small screen, Mark has just as much passion for movies. He once attempted to watch 365 movies on Netflix Instant in 365 days, but his efforts were thwarted by Sleeping Beauty (not the Disney classic), and he strongly suggests you never watch that movie either. He’s also known for his obscure references, and hopes to one day end the myth that the TV teen drama genre doesn’t have good writing. If you’re a masochist, you can relive his failed Netflix Instant project and his other opinions about movies and television on his blog http://offthemarkthoughts.wordpress.com/. You can also follow him on Twitter: @offthemarktweet.

Dan Aquino: Writer


Dan Aquino is a self-proclaimed lover of comedy and comic books. When not writing for The Main Damie, he enjoys performing stand up and insulting celebrities on Twitter. To see what he says please follow him @danaquinocomedy.

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