For those of you that read this but do not know me on a personal level, you may not know that I have a passion for comedy.  Back a few years ago, I started making comedy sketches with a group of friends.  We called it Shoot the Glass Pictures, named after a Die Hard quote.  While we’re technically on a hiatus (a very loooong hiatus), it’s still something that I have a passion for and hope to get back in to the swing of it.  In the meantime, I thought I would share with you what I thought were our best sketches that we did.

5.  Facebook Poke Part 1

Released: November 11, 2009

Plot: A couple gets into a fight after some questionable Facebook activity.

This was our first sketch and to this day, it still gets a fair number of hits.  The premise was simple: guy finds out that his girlfriend “poked” a male friend of hers; hilarity ensues.  I guess by this time, using the word “poke” as a sexual innuendo is a bit old hat, but at the time, it was relatively clever still.  This actually came about from an actual fight that we had overheard while at a movie theater.  We exaggerated the points a little bit, but for the most part, it’s pretty much what happened.

Regular contributor to this site, Dan, plays the role of the guy and we shot it over the course of several hours.  This was probably the most organized shoot we would ever had as we got a little more comfortable doing things and would usually just have a run-and-gun mentality to the remainder of our shoots.

4. Rick Astley Rock Band

Released: April 19, 2010

Plot: A commercial for the ill-fated Rick Astley Rock Band, which does exactly what you think it does.

Appropriately, this is the redheaded stepchild of any sketch we ever did.  I mean, we never went viral by any stretch of the imagination, but this one was one of our least popular but one we actually liked a lot.  I wouldn’t say we got it out during the Rick-rolling heyday, but it was still a thing at the time.  It played on some of the same sensibilities we had seen in past fake commercials that SNL would do and I really like how absurd it is.

Side note: I’m the one playing Rick Astley, which involved a bit of ad-libbing; it eventually devolved into an impression of Dave Chappelle impersonating Rick James impersonating Rick Astley.  Because that’s the natural progression of things.

3. The Big Game

Released: February 16,2010

Plot: A few friends go out for a night on the town, but they can’t seem to get out of their own way.

We were never really sure how popular this sketch was.  First of all, it was admittedly too long; running 10 minutes, we realized that people usually don’t sit there and watch Youtube videos for longer than 3 minutes.  Second of all, it may have been a little “inside”.

What we loved about this sketch is how much fun we had making it.  This was our second sketch and, at that time, it was our first attempt at telling a bigger story than a single scene.  Our cast ballooned to basically include everyone we knew and we were really psyched we actually pulled it off, for the most part.  We ad-libbed a great deal of the dialogue; the first time that any of us had really done anything like that.  It really added to the fun and whether or not it comes out in the sketch or not, I’ll never know.

2. Elijah

Released: March 27, 2010

Plot: A family gets an unexpected visitor when they try to have a nice Passover dinner.

If you haven’t noticed by now, when someone needed to play an asshole, it was usually me; just a hidden talent, I guess.

Elijah was an interesting shoot and probably our funniest script.  Most of it comes through, though looking back it’s probably a little too long as well.  The idea simply came to me when I had heard that it’s customary to leave a place for Elijah at the table for Passover.  This sketch is basically what happens if Elijah were real and a bit of a dick.

Another sketch which was very improvised.  It sort of became a bit chaotic as we went on: as people kept drinking the very real wine on the table, they got a little more comfortable with being in front of the camera.  It came to a point where everyone was talking over each other and the story couldn’t progress.  Eventually, we had to tell everyone to pull back just a little so that we could get a clean take with the minimum amount of interruptions.

1. Runnin’ with the Devil

Released: August 17, 2010

Plot: Turmoil threatens to tear a Van Halen Cover Band apart.

To me, this is the best sketch we ever did.  It took a script that was pretty funny to us and made it even better than what we possibly could have imagined.  I think what makes it so good is the costuming as well as some of the best performances we had ever done.

While playing the role of designated driver one night at the bar, I sat watching a cover band perform.  While fiddling with bar napkins and watching everyone else having more fun than me, I decided it would be funny to do a sketch about a cover band that mirrored the trials and tribulations of famed volatile band Van Halen.

To watch these and the rest of our sketches, check out our youtube channel.