It’s Iron Man 3 Day!  Today, we celebrate this momentous occasion by looking at some of the best body armor suits in pop culture.

5.  Stormtrooper Armor, Star Wars Series


When you shoot as well as a Stormtrooper does, you’re going to need some armor to protect you during a blaster fight.  Now, it doesn’t seem to do basically anything when it comes to blasters, but damn does it look cool and the helmet does protect your head if you happen to bang it on a doorframe.  The look is iconic and second only to Darth Vader’s choice of attire if you ask me.

4.  Metal Mario, Super Mario 64

An upset!  Super Mario 64 is one of the best iterations of, arguably, the greatest video game franchise of all time and Metal Mario is just one of the many different types of Marios we’ve used over the years.  Unlocking the green power blocks gave you the metal cap, which allowed you to run through noxious gas for a certain period of time.  We’re lucky it was there, too, because it just so happens that a few of the paintings in Bowser’s castle have noxious gas just hanging around in midair.  Let’s see the Storm Troopers get through that.

3.  Prawn Battle Suit, District 9

It’s not in the movie for very long, but the prawn battle suit makes its presence known very quickly.  That thing has some power.  Its one drawback is that you have to be a prawn… or a person slowly evolving into a prawn, otherwise it’s completely useless.  But if you happen to be a South African weapons dealer, it would probably be best to stay away from this machine.  History tells us that it won’t end well for you.

2.  Iron Man Suit, Iron Man

I couldn’t have this list go without the suit that inspired this list in the first place.  Tony Stark’s suits come in a variety of forms, as the billionaire inventor has one for every occasion.  Whether he needs one in a convenient carrying case (Iron Man 2) or needs one to chase after him as he plummets from a high-rise (The Avengers), Iron Man has plenty of tricks up his sleeve with enough fire power to get the job done and enough style to look good doing it.

1.  Power Suit, Metroid series

The pervert world may prefer the Zero Suit (not judging), but the Power Suit from the Metroid series is arguably the most influential body armor suit in the last 30 years of pop culture.  Inspiring just about every suit in video games since it’s original release on the NES, the Power Suit may very well be the reason we have the suits seen in Halo and Gears of War.