Hello Internet!

We here at The Main Damie are embarking on a new and exciting project for 2018. If you have been with us since the beginning, you know that we love the trial by fire concept. Whether it was a month-long series of reviews or our exploration into the world of streaming on Twitch, we have never said no to the chance to bring you fresh and interesting content.

Starting tomorrow, we will post our character creations for our new series, Stranger Damies, which is our spin on a real-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Throughout this week, you will learn about the characters on the show, and the world they live in. Then, on January 3rd, the first episode of the campaign will post on iTunes and most other podcast services; Each episode thereafter will post weekly on Wednesdays.

We hope you join us on this journey into the unknown, and laugh at our stumbles along the way. Remember this our first time doing anything like this, so be kind! You can tweet your questions and constructive criticisms to us @strangerdamies.

For those that use RSS, here’s our Podbean feed: https://strangerdamies.podbean.com/feed/

Happy Holidays from The Main Damie!