As Dan Aquino is off in March Madness, we ask our good friend, Tom Schuster, to sit in with us for a special episode of The Main Damie podcast.

We start off by welcoming Tom to the show and allowing him to weigh in on how things are going over at Stranger Damies, our real-play D&D podcast, in which he plays Tiresias the Deceived.

We then go right into the topic of the night. As baseball opening day is right around the corner, we reveal our lineups for our fictional baseball team lineups. We pull from all sorts of mediums: movies, TV, video games, cartoons, and even an elaborate April Fools’ joke. There’s some overlap, but each team is pretty unique.


Who would you pick for your team? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or via e-mail. Don’t forget to subscribe and give us a review on iTunes