It’s a ghost of Christmas past this week, as They Called This a Movie travels back to the late 1990s to cover a Disney movie starring a teen heart-throb. 

It’s 1998. Jonathan Taylor Thomas is still one of the biggest stars to grace the prestigious pages of Tiger Beat. His co-star is an up-and-coming star on a family drama on the newly-launched WB Network, and Smash Mouth won the hearts of American households. It’s also a time where trying to make the next Christmas classic is a goal; so much so that even Disney is trying to launch another series after the success of The Santa Clause. Unlucky for us, all of this culminated into one of our least favorite movies we’ve ever covered: 1998’s I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Join us as we go head first into this mean-spirited road movie from the House of Mouse, as we watch the Artist Formerly Known as JTT act like a real jerk throughout the entire movie. We discuss our the unlikable nature of our “hero”, the imminent danger Jessica Biel is in thanks to every man in her life, and the always-welcome presence of Gary Cole. 

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