Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 

For our very special romantic episode, we once again attempt to tackle a phenomenon that took the world by stop in the last ten or so years. Last year, we covered the first installment of Twilight. This year, we’re covering Twilight fan fiction. That’s right: we’re talking about Fifty Shades of Grey

Tie your sub down to something sturdy and get your butt plugs ready, because we head straight into this movie that was so chock full of sex and nudity, but barely kept our attention. How is that possible? That’s the magic of Fifty Shades of Grey: a movie so dull, you eventually stop caring about all the sex. 

So get ready as we discuss the origins of fan fiction message boards, the constant conversations about contracts, and whether or not Christian Grey is implementing the D.E.N.N.I.S. System. 

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