PLOT: Three friends head to the mountains for New Year’s Eve and wind up stranded in a cabin with an elderly woman and a sinister secret. 

Woof. It’s no surprise, looking at the IMDB trivia of this movie after I watched it, that they basically wound up running out of money before they shot half of it. That’s kind of all I need to know about this movie. It’s incomprehensible, boring, and it kind of fails to deliver on the wendigo promised in the opening title card. This movie was a pain to watch and can’t recommend it for any reason. 

Three young people plan to spend New Year’s Eve at a ski resort, spending their time snowmobiling and skiing. But when a storm cancels everyone else’s plans, they wind up alone at the cabin. Or are they? (dun dun dun) They wind up coming across an elderly woman living at the cabin who is harboring a dark secret. Is it a wendingo? Is it some guys with switchblades? Who knows? 



This movie is boring as fuck. That’s as simply as I can put it. It’s super cheap, which isn’t necessarily something that should stop you from having a good time with a horror movie, but it’s definitely not an asset for this movie. The fact that they wound up making the second half up as they went along just kind of solidifies the idea that this movie isn’t worth watching. The wendingo winds up not even being anything major in this film. This is one of the hardest “skip its” I’ve had in a long while. 

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10