Snake Plissken is back. 

And so are we, as we roll right along with a brand new episode of They Called This a Movie. This week, we go to the distant future and the year 2013, as we travel to a world where the police arrest civilians with impunity, an authoritarian president rules with an iron fist, and Los Angeles is a charmless hellhole. Truly, an alternate universe. 

Kurt Russell and John Carpenter re-team to bring Snake Plissken back from the dead to escape from another one of the United States’ major metropolitan areas. This time, he hangs ten out in La La Land in order to rescue the president’s daughter and a doomsday device from the clutches of a revolutionary. It’s John Carpenter’s Escape From L.A., and it’s basically just Escape From New York with more surfing and basketball. 

Join us as we discuss the shoddy CGI effects, how this movie should’ve been made in the 1980s, and Peter Fonda and Kurt Russell surfing tsunami waves. 

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