Selleck. Simmons. And a whole lot of spider robots. 

On this week’s episode, we head to the distant future of 1991 as told by 1984. It is a future with self-driving cars, cameras on doorbells, televisions in the palm of your hand, and other hilariously impossible pipe dreams that only the 80s could conjure up. 

Tom Selleck brings his mustache with him in this one, as he plays Jack Ramsay, a police officer in the Runaway division, and he’s tasked with tracking down runaway robots. It’s basically Blade Runner, if Roy Batty was a talking trash can. It’s up to Jack to track down Gene Simmons, the man behind sabotaging regular household robots for his own personal gain. It’s Runaway, directed by Michael Crichton, on this week’s episode of They Called This a Movie. 

Put on your electromagnetic suit and tell LOIS you’ll be late for dinner as we dive deep into this one. We discuss the career of Cynthia Rhodes, how Gene Simmons runs, and the many things that Michael Crichton got right. 

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