For the fourth installment of our Final Fours, we have decided to go with our top cameos.

Dan’s Picks

Matt Damon in Euro Trip


Coming off the relative success of Road Trip, Euro Trip follows the same formula except this time IN EUROPE! In my eyes Road Trip  will     always be the better of the two, but the one thing Euro Trip has that Road Trip doesn’t is Matt Damon. And not just Matt Damn, Matt Damon singing! Seeing Damon at a high school party singing what is now the iconic tour de force “Scotty Doesn’t Know” is by far the best part of that movie, maybe except for the German baby painting a Hitler mustache on himself and goose-stepping around the apartment.  Nice try Hitler baby, but you went up against Matt Fucking Damon and lost, no shame.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-Men: First Class


I’m a huge fan-boy, and as a huge fan-boy there’s nothing I like seeing more than superhero’s showing up in other superhero movies. When Professor X. and Magneto are spanning the globe to put together their mutant team, they come across the cigar-smoking Hugh Jackman, reprising his role as everyone’s favorite Wolverine.  And as an added bonus to the cool factor, he totally curses, dude!

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Iron Man


Referring back to my last entry, this is the biggest fan-boy experience because it set up for the ultimate fan-boy movie to date…The Avengers, baby. When Sam Jackson steps out of the shadows saying he has a proposition for Tony Stark, you know shit’s about to get real, son! Going into this movie I had heard something epic was going to happen at the end, and Marvel didn’t disappoint.

Bill Murray in Zombieland


I lead my life by following the three B’s; Baseball, Batman, and Bill Murray. Bill is a God among mere mortals and his appearance in Zombieland is something that will forever go down as one of the greatest moments in film history! Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a tad, but you have to admit, seeing Bill Murray alive in the zombie apocalypse is great, and as always he has that charm that no one can compare to. Plus to me the best part that gets overlooked is Woody Harrelson’s character naming all of his favorite Bill Murray movies and leaving out Kingpin.