PLOT: Farmer Vincent and his sister run a motel while also making the best meats in town. Where that meat comes from may have something to do with the locals that are going missing.

The only thing I know about Rory Calhoun is that he’s the actor that Mr. Burns describes as the actor that’s always standing and walking around. And after watching Motel Hell, I get it. There he is: walking and standing around like a regular Rory Calhoun.

Motel Hell is super stupid, but fun in its stupidity. This feels like a last death gasp of a career for an old actor, and I’m not exactly sure he’d be proud of it, but it’s a schlocky good time. You also get to see John Ratzenberger play a guy that becomes meat in a pre-Cheers role and, most importantly, you get to see a goddamn chainsaw fight without having to deal with a movie like Mandy. Just watch Motel Hell for that shit, because this movie is simple and stupid and worthy of your time. There’s even a creepy relationship Rory Calhoun has with a woman nearly 40 years his junior, so that’s always good. She may also be suffering from head trauma, maybe? Anyway, is there something called hicksploitation, because this is it. It’s wacky, it’s played for laughs, and you even get to see some boobs. Motel Hell delivers.

Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10