PLOT: Months after the events of the original film, a group of counselors arrive at a neighboring camp to start training. Little do they know that a masked killer roams the woods. 

Here’s another film that we’ve covered once before on this site, previously for 31 Days of Horror, so there’s not much to add to the review on this one. As I mentioned in last Friday’s review of the first Friday the 13th, I think this one is far superior to the original film. Sure, the gore takes a step back, and the whole thing relies on the conceit that Jason didn’t die at the camp that day and has spent all those years since then hiding out in the woods, but it’s just better. Jason is a better killer than Mrs. Voorhees, which is a main factor; when you watch all the events of the first film unfold and it’s revealed that it’s an elderly woman, there’s just a bit of wind taken out of the sails. Sure, you never see it coming, but it’s also kind of unearned. 



I dig this movie. This review is going to be short because it’s been covered before on this site, but the rest of the films in this series will be the first time we’ve ever reviewed them, so you’ll get longer, more in-depth analysis. This one is solid filmmaking and the birth of Jason as the main villain; this is the right foot to start off on, even though it’s the second in the franchise. 

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10