So I haven’t actually posted an article on The Walking Dead since the season five premiere, but now that 31 Days of Horror is wrapped up, I now have some free time to work on articles other than straight up horror.  The season has been good so far, so let’s go right into episode 4: “Slabtown”.

Pretty Blondes Can Be Boring, You Guys


God, Beth, you are just the worst. You’re not the worst because you’re a shitty character, even though you kind of are. You’re a terrible character because you bring the show to a grinding halt when it decides to focus any sort of attention to you.

The show has had really good momentum this year, after what can only be described as a lost season. It did itself no favors by spending an entire episode going back to what happened to Beth. Honestly, unless it turned out that Beth was starring in all-zombie gangbang videos, this detour was not going to be an interesting one. And it only gets worse, because…


We’re Not Done With This Storyline Yet


The one saving grace this episode could’ve had was if it were wrapped up in a single episode. Unfortunately for us, the viewers, we’re left with a cliffhanger that almost assuredly means we’ll be spending one more episode in the confines of that stupid hospital. Hurray! This means that we’ll have another whole 42 minutes where we won’t see Tyreese feed baby Judith or see Abraham dye his hair that unnatural orange you would think would be impossible to achieve in the zombie apocalypse. These are the things the public wants to see and now we’ll be deprived of these things for one more episode. Shame on you, show runners.


We Still Hate You, Chris


In case you were like me, scratching your head over how recognizable the guy that played the character Noah was but unable to figure out why, he’s Tyler James Williams from Everybody Hates Chris. There’s no real point for me to point this out, just that he’s relatively recognizable and we just lost one of the only two black guys in the show in Bob. It stands to reason that little Chris Rock is going to be around for at least a little bit longer. More importantly, if you do not watch Key and Peele, Williams has a major part in one of their best sketches to date. You should check it out. It’s hilarious.


Episode Rating: C+